W2 or 1099?
It Pays to Classify Your Staff Correctly.

To be compliant in this space, workers need correct classification, period. To provide accurate and increased compliance and reduced risk for our clients, Siren established a segregated yet seamless protocol for both W2 and 1099 programs. We meet all W2 worker’s compensation, liability insurance and compliance regulations. How? Clients and talent determine the classification correct for their program or participation respectively. Not sure? Let technology take over...


Independent Contractor Evaluation Software Dashboard Preview & Features

  • Submit online for requests for IC compliments evaluation
  • Secure electronic audit trail of complete evaluation process
  • Search historical data to identify familiar talent for future projects

A True W2 Experience

Hiring talent and processing payroll – check. HR and Payroll teams manage health, commuter and retirement benefits, unemployment claims, performance management and processing annual W-2s.



Independent Contractor Compliance

Executing contracts isn’t easy. Enforcing them is even harder. A commitment to regular monitoring and auditing is key to ensure standards are being met on a consistent basis. We use cutting-edge technology to mitigate worker classification risk.


Efficient Processes

New hire paperwork, pre-employment screening, timesheet management and invoicing are done online, making it easy for the talent to complete the hiring process so they can get to the important stuff – the work!


Risk Mitigation

Indemnification against misclassification, contract execution, periodic re-assessment and audit preparedness are just a few of the aspects that get managed when utilizing the IC Evaluation and Engagement features.



We’re putting compliance in the palm of your hand – literally, making Independent Contractor classification a less onerous and more efficient process is priority number 1.