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Event Staffing – Solved

Staffing people is our passion – activating over 2 million successful event hours can have that effect. That passion has driven us to deliver a solution that solves the normal nightmares associated with booking and managing events.    

Successful activation results hinge on the people that bring these campaigns to life on site; so, we’ve built a process proven to do just that – succeed. With reliability backed up by the Siren Staffing Performance Pledge, our clients can fully focus their efforts on program objectives and the consumer experience rather than crisis management associated with staff attendance, preparedness, and performance.  

Our Performance Pledge* in simplified terms:
The staff is spot-on & on-time or we credit you.  Imagine that.  

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What makes Siren so special?

We recognize the significance of delivering brand experiences to consumers through live interactions. We also recognize the responsibility involved.