Siren Staff Performance Pledge™


Attendance Guaranteed.


Our Performance Pledge* does more than signal quality and differentiate our service offering – its objective was to systematize our internal management of project completion and service recovery (for the rare occasion a shift is unfilled).  As the saying goes – it puts our money where our mouth is – and proves we stand by our results.   Does your current staffing partner make the same commitment?

why a guarantee.jpg


  • By establishing our service guarantee, we are required to focus on clients’ expectations in every aspect of our service offering – and to never make promises we can’t keep just to land a program.
  • Our guarantee establishes clear standards for programs and projects which creates complete transparency between Siren, our Clients and the event staff.

  • This level of commitment required us to build an effective protocol to enable real-time client feedback as well as develop corresponding courses of action for prompt improvement. End-of-program recaps are a thing of the past. We course-correct throughout your program.

  • Siren’s pledge helps our Clients set realistic expectations with their brand partners and helps to deliver those results and reinforce long-term loyalty.

*Siren Staff Performance Pledge™ is defined within our service agreement and is subject to compliance with all terms and conditions.