people power

We have the best people in the business, period. But you’ve heard it all before? Well, have you heard it from the candidates themselves?

You will now.


Video = Advantage

We don’t provide picture-filled portfolios of our people because we’re not booking print models. To know if people are right for your program you need to see how energetic and dynamic they are. You need to hear how well they communicate. Videos take the question mark out of casting your teams. Speaking of questions, if you have any you’d like answered by your candidates, we can do that. Oh, and they’re pretty fun to watch.

  • Gain more insight on candidates

  • Screen candidates more efficiently

  • Candidates can answer your specific questions

  • Easily shared with others including brand clients

  • Help validate and make decisions on candidates with unprecedented accuracy


One-Way Video Interview Features

Customized for clients and/or each specific program.

  • Create text or video based questions

  • Limit “think time”

  • Control the number of allotted takes

  • Restrict max answer length

Interview Evaluation Features

Determine which candidates you like best, organize your shortlists, and share with Siren (or let us pick the people)

  • Rate and comment on interviews

  • Tag interviews for easy filtering

  • Document rejection reasons


Influencer Network

Our trusted national network of marketers and ambassadors can add an exciting component to your earned media efforts. We can organize and facilitate focus groups to test or even promote products, services, or messaging. Need someone more specific – let us help with your influencer outreach, onboarding, and/or management.  


Brands that are Fans:

Our Nationwide Database Includes:

Product Demonstrators

Specialized/Skilled Talent
Mystery Secret Shoppers
Field Marketing Managers
Product Marketing Specialists

Bilingual Network
Street Teams
Guerrilla Teams
Tour Managers and Staff