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An open, candid letter to our (future) Clients...

Good creative can make a campaign unforgettable – the footprint, the messaging, it's an impressive experience when everything comes together on game day. Critical to that mission is the complete confidence that the staff will activate engagements in all their intended glory. If they don't all show up or they are unprepared or unengaged, it can feel nothing short of a nightmare.  You can sleep well now (partner) because we are sure of it all.



We believe for talent to be successful they must be set up for it. We start with a well-suited group of people – those with education and experience in marketing, sales, communications, retail, and lead generation, etc. The next step is building the right roster specific to your program requirements and brand category. That means interviews, training, and testing out of topics that agency and brand clients deem critical. Candidates need to be more than available – they need to be right for the role and the brand itself. So, a vegetarian won’t work a hotdog-eating contest – make sense?



People that consider shifts as career-related marketing experience simply do better than those just needing any gig to complete.  Event marketing is live-action marketing at its best – no do-overs or post production corrections.  The right talent ensures that face-to-face experiences with consumers become your biggest opportunities to make memorable impressions, not your biggest risk factor.